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  Bishounen Teasing Garden

A discussion list and related resource collection on and around the subject of bishounen in anime and manga

Online discussion

Generally available services and development of online discussion methods, such as IRC and mailing lists

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Main site
[ http://bishounengarden.b2net.org/ ]

Bishounen List
[ http://bishounen.info/ ]

Mailing list home
[ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bishonengarden/ ]

Garden Chat on B2IRC
[ http://www.irc.b2irc.net/channels.php?channel=bishiegarden ]


B2IRC Network
[ http://www.b2irc.net/ ]

B2IRC Development Committee
[ http://dev-com.b2irc.net/ ]

WWW.IRC web-based chat
[ http://www.irc.b2irc.net/ ]

Mailing lists home
[ http://lists.b2net.org/ ]


Animeunioni (mostly in Finnish)
[ http://www.animeunioni.org/ ]

Project: Shindou
[ http://www.shindou.net/ ]

WWW.IRC web-based chat
[ http://www.irc.b2irc.net/ ]

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Sites that don't fit into any of the other categories

Personal websites

Personal websites of Project B2 members

Project sponsors

Sponsors of Project B2


Bishounen Buttons
[ http://bishounenbuttons.b2net.org/ ]

Happy Birthday, Cloud (archive)
[ http://happy.birthday.cloud.nu/ ]

Youko's Gallery (archive)
[ http://youkosgallery.b2net.org/ ]


Kyuu: Cloudy Night (archive)
[ http://cloudynight.kyuu.org/ ]

Kyuu: other websites
[ http://www.kyuu.net/ ]
[ http://www.vekotin.org/ ]

Sivis: Home page
[ http://www.sivis.org/ ]


Isolcom Group

[ http://www.isolcom.com/ ]

Tukikohta Online Gaming

[ http://www.tukikohta.net/ ]

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